NFL Preseason Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

NFL Preseason Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

Kevin Agee, Dynasty Deputies Senior Writer




  1. Patrick Mahomes


I know, I know. Way to go out on a limb, right? But the first quarterback selected should be somewhat predictable. Mahomes has given us the kind of consistency during his short career that should provide the confidence needed to make this selection easy. Well, maybe not easy, but safe. All that being said, there are some question marks as he enters this coming season. The receiving corp doesn’t have the experience it did last season, his potential WR1 on the roster, Kadarius Toney, has had his fair share of injuries, and Travis Kelce, as good as he is, isn’t getting any younger. If Kelce were to get injured, it leaves an opening as to who will be the reliable target needed to consistently move the chains. The good news is that Mahomes has shown what all generational quarterbacks must prove: the ability to make those around him better, and elevate the weapons he has on the field. Oh, and he still has Andy Reid as well. 


  1. Josh Allen


Last season didn’t end quite the way Allen or the Bills hoped for considering the hot start to the season, and the expectations that surrounded that team. But Allen was still very steady across the board. His talent, and the weapons at his disposal make him a reliable pick who should continue to shred defenses, and put up big numbers throughout the season. However, if there is a caveat here, it’s that Allen has admitted that he can’t continue to play the way he has played early in his career in regards to his legs. Taking those big hits over time isn’t a recipe for success over the course of one’s career. I’m not sure this is the year he works harder to get out of bounds, or take the slide over the punishment to avoid those big hits, but if for some reason he does decide to run less, which I don’t see happening just yet, it’s worth keeping an eye on.


  1. Joe Burrow


Cool, calm, collected, and full of confidence. That’s what you get from the Bengals star signal caller, who has done nothing but impress after coming back from a tough knee injury a few years ago. His overall ability, and talent around him are sure to keep him near the top of the fantasy elite. And don’t discount Joe’s legs. While he’s not a burner, he knows how to maneuver in the pocket, and make plays when he gets flushed out, and keeps the sticks moving when necessary. If there is a concern, it’s that Bengal offensive line that has been discussed many times over the past couple of years. The organization has worked to improve that area, and seems like it’s heading in the right direction. If that part becomes more of a strength than liability, the ceiling gets even higher for this blossoming quarterback.


  1. Jalen Hurts


How good is this guy? From being selected in the second round in 2020 to NFL MVP in 2022, Hurts has been a great story. Watching him in his early career in Alabama to where he is now as a thrower of the football is the type of trajectory that tells you all you need to know about his work ethic. A leader with a very high ceiling, who seems to only be getting better in all facets of the game. He can beat you in a myriad of ways, and with a very good arsenal around him, he should continue to put up very good numbers. A couple of question marks for Hurts revolve around his ability to keep the turnovers down like he did last year, and those rushing touchdowns. Were these outliers, or the expectation? Only six interceptions combine with thirteen rushing touchdowns. If the turnovers go up, and the touchdowns aren’t as plentiful, we’re still talking about an excellent quarterback, but perhaps not on the same level as last season.


  1. Lamar Jackson


With the injury last season, the turmoil regarding the contract, Jackson has been through the proverbial ringer over the last year. It seems as though all of that is behind him now, and ‘Action’ Jackson is back in full swing. We’re talking about an electric arm combined with blazing speed, and as a former NFL MVP, has proven himself as a fantasy darling. While he may not throw for four thousand yards, he has shown the unique ability to run for over a thousand from the quarterback position. Jackson’s weapons will also be glad he’s back under center to make their lives easier, and with the addition of Odell Beckham, he has a new toy to help put points on the board in Baltimore. In the past, it seems as though Jackson has been the Ravens’ offense. Will that same pressure be put on him this season, or have they turned a corner? The Ravens would likely be better served to delegate more of the responsibility of the offense, but what does that do to Jackson’s numbers? 


  1. Justin Fields


Here we are with another quarterback whose production is locked into those legs. A premiere runner at the position, Fields relied heavily on the ground game to produce as a signal caller last season. If he can make the same strides with the arm as Hurts has made over the last couple of years, we’re talking about an elite talent on the brink of stardom. That being said, there is a lot that needs to happen for those steps to be taken, and it often isn’t easy at the NFL level. Regardless of where Fields lands as a thrower, he will still rely on his legs to move the chains. Chicago understands the skillset, and knows that in order for team success, they need to utilize every ounce of what Fields brings to the table. What about that Bears offensive line? Several moving parts this offseason that leave many unanswered questions heading into the season. If Fields can’t get the protection he needs, any development with the arm could be difficult to showcase, and we may see a similar version of what we saw last year, and fantasy-wise, that isn’t so bad.


  1. Justin Herbert


I still believe in the talent here. Herbert has a great arm, and the ability to put up big numbers quickly. The injury bug bit the Charger receiving corp last year, which certainly affected Herbert throughout the season. A healthy unit this year, and we likely witness a different version than what we saw last year. This team was built for offense, and Herbert has the potential to lead them where they want to go. So what if the injuries aren’t a fluke? Then we have a different problem. Herbert doesn’t possess the type running ability to make up for losses around him. Oh, but he still has that glorious arm. And that’s enough to keep me vested for the foreseeable future.


  1. Trevor Lawrence


The golden child is beginning to look like what we all envisioned when he was taken with the number one overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Jaguars. There was some hesitation about him after his first year, but let’s face it, most quarterbacks go through those bumps in the road. We began to see what the hype was all about last season, and if Lawrence can build on that, we may be talking about him as a top three quarterback in the very near future. Will he be able to take that next step? That seems to be the elephant in the room. He certainly has the pedigree, but let’s hope the coaching staff, and those around him continue to push towards him reaching his full potential as an elite NFL quarterback.


  1. DeShaun Watson


Have we seen the best of Watson already? I tend to think we have not. The talent didn’t diminish overnight, and I think last year, although not terrible, also not what we have come to expect from him. I thought he was a great talent coming out of Clemson, and he did not disappoint in his production during his first few years in the NFL. Now that he has a handful of games back under his belt, we have to believe the rust is gone. An interesting question is whether or not Watson will get back to the runner he was before. It shouldn’t be an issue, because he’s very young, but if you lose three hundred plus yards, and handful of touchdowns, it can change the rankings rather quickly. I’m of the mind that Watson will get back to the player he was, and could move up these rankings by next season.


  1. Aaron Rodgers


Hey, I get it. He didn’t have his best season last year. And it’s always tempting to find the ‘next big thing’ when you start looking for your quarterback, or any other position for that matter. But let’s also not forget that he won the NFL MVP in 2021 and 2022. That wasn’t so long ago. And is he a bit long in the tooth? Of course. No one should argue any differently. But if I told you Rodgers would finish as a top three quarterback this year, would you be surprised? You shouldn’t. I don’t know if his ‘down’ year came because of his relationship with the organization, age, or possibly something else. Here’s what I do know: he’s proven, he’s gifted, he’s shown a unique ability to get the most out of what he’s been given, and perhaps most of all, he’s in a new situation. That last one may come as a surprise, but legendary athletes who go to new teams typically feel the need to prove something. It’s the competitor in them. You want to move on? You think someone else is better than me right now? Okay. Let’s see how this works out for you. I can’t tell you if Rodgers will take that stance, but I saw Peyton Manning put up gaudy numbers in Denver when the Colts moved on from him, and I watched Brady win a Super Bowl when the Patriots moved on from him. Rodgers is in that class of quarterback. And it doesn’t really matter the reason why the other organization moved on, it’s just that they did. At this point, if I don’t have a signal caller, it’s not a bad place to take a gamble on a future Hall of Famer.


  1. Kirk Cousins
  2. Jared Goff
  3. Daniel Jones
  4. Tua Tagovailoa
  5. Dak Prescott
  6. Russell Wilson
  7. Geno Smith
  8. Matthew Stafford
  9. Bryce Young
  10. Derek Carr 


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